About Us

Sunrise Exports is a leading Exporter of Organic, Inorganic,  Phthalocyanine, HPP, Chrome, Toner Violets, Food Colours and Ultramarine Blue. Pigments exclusively for Inks, Paints, Plastic, Plastic Master Batches, Textile and Rubber Industries, Pigment fine pastes & Aluminium Pastes, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Chromate etc.
We are also offering raw materials for feed industries like Vitamins, Choline Chloride, Toxibinder, Zinc Oxide etc.
We are also into Industrial products like Sulphur Powder, UNOL 6 - SMO (Sorbitan Mono Oleate)
 2) UNOL 7 - PIBSA - Polyiso butylene succinic Anhydride
 3) UNOL 8 - PIBSA Emulsifiers
 4) PIBSI's - Poly Isobutyle Succimide

We have experience of 2 decades to work with Multinational companies and our quality products are extensively approved by overseas companies.

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